About John Aldersley

John Aldersley's investment credentials for stock-picking and trading over varying market conditions was demonstrated to nearly one million readers each week in the Sun Herald newspaper from 1998-2004 through his weekly investment articles ("Diary of a Professional Investor") and high success rate in the monthly "Money Race" (now "Share Race").

John_AldersleyHis investing career spans 40 years in global and Australian funds management and stockbroking. In the late seventies in the UK he managed pension fund portfolios for the BBC, Ford Europe and Blue Circle. After migrating to Australia in 1981 he advised on corporate takeovers and then as an institutional stockbroker, including Head of Derivatives at Potter Partners.

In 1992 he followed his dream of pioneering a more tax efficient form of managed investment to conventional unit trusts (mutual funds), by launching ShareInvest (in 1994) and DirectPortfolio (in 1996). Thus Separately Managed Accounts, using a registered managed investment scheme structure, were born in Australia (and uniquely in the world). This "better way to own shares" enabled an investment professional to construct and manage large numbers of retail direct portfolios via a "model' approach, but account for each client separately for tax purposes.

In late 2007 he sold control of the Explorer Group, that owned DirectPortfolio, and moved to St Huberts Island on the NSW Central Coast.

After working in a consulting capacity with a number of small stockbroking firms, and experiencing frequent brandname changes, he established Aldersley Capital.

The world of work has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Much greater personal efficiency is possible now because of broadband and wireless, email, internet based reporting, remote working (saving commuting time), smart phones etc. On the other hand, regulators are insisting on ever more onerous and complicated compliance regimes, in the hope that this might stop the bad guys.

Learning from the past, John avoided the common problem afflicting boutique investment professionals of becoming diverted from core investment activities (of research and portfolio construction) by outsourcing the investment administration and web reporting functions of the product and licensing to external parties.