If you have a financial planner/adviser who accesses the Hub24 platform, you can simply ask your adviser to switch part of your investments to one or both of the Aldersley Capital portfolios.

If that is not possible, then you must become an investment client of Aldersley Capital. In order to become a client and invest via Aldersley Capital in the Hub24 Managed Account you need to complete the following tasks:

Step One - Preconditions

The minimum practical investment is $25,000. This can comprise both cash and existing shares.

You must be over 18 to invest directly.

Step 2 - Read literature

Consisting of a copy of the Hub24 IDPS Guide and application form for the Managed Account, Investment Model Portfolio Disclosure Statements for the Managed Equity and Income Plus models together with the latest portfolio performance reports on this website. You are deemed to agree to have received and read the Aldersley Capital FSG. and the Andika FSG (our licencee).

Step 3 - Download and complete Fact Find and provide certified identification.

Certified i.d. needs to comply with the AML/CTF legislation as interpreted by Hub24.

You can get i.d. certified by a J.P. Alternatively, John Aldersley can certify these providing the originals are sighted. Send the certified copies of originals by post and email scanned certified copies to together with the factfind.

Step 4 - Determine whether you wish to transfer any existing shares across.

If so, you will need to supply the unrealised capital gains history for each parcel of shares you are transferring, together with the details of how they are held in an In species transfer form. Essentially most shares today are either Issuer Sponsored or Broker Sponsored. However if you are transferring from an existing Managed Account they will probably be held in a Nominee name, a variant of Broker Sponsored. They will probably have their own withdrawal form too.

As it is explained in the IDPS Guide, you can transfer in-specie without this automatically triggering a capital gains event, hence the reason we need to capture the CGT status of each parcel. If you wish to avoid their immediate sale upon entry, they should be "locked" as part of the application. Use the Hub24 in-specie form

Step four

We pre-populate an application form for you using the details supplied in your factfind and send you the completed application by post to sign. This should be signed and then posted back to us in the envelope provided. Alternatively we can deal by email but you will need to forward the originals by post. We forward everything to Hub24.

Your application monies can be provided by cheque or electronic transfer.