Testimonials (approval was obtained from each client to publish their testimonial)


"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me." David Brand (2016)
Just wanted to thank you for your fine efforts in what has been a very difficult year (2015). In the event that you get approval for the fund to be offered as a super alternative I am more than happy to tip some funds in. - Terry Allom
Many thanks for everything you have done. - Herman Brookhouse (2015)
Thanks for the improving returns. Any objections to flicking this update to my super fund accountants? - Charles Hoyer
Growth in investments. Easy to approach    - Graham Dickman
An investment option worthy of consideration     - Cecil Cheng
Honest, straight forward & a sense of caring     - Brian & Bronwyn Roberts
The professionalism of the company     - Jennifer Walke
Very happy with your services     - Lucette Klingstrom
Well researched     - Patricia Honeyfield
A very easy way of investing in shares with good results despite volatile market     - Katerina Dzerova
Services provided are excellent with investment strategy used inline with economics    - Martair de Pasquale
You rock   - Peter Baker
You always return my calls     - Leon & Cynthia Loganathan
Relatively happy with all services including taxation reports, newsletter  - Lary Vanags
If they ask me for advice on share trading I refer them to you as an easy alternative to a regular stockbroker or the boring approach (my opinion) of a managed fund     -Mark & Lorraine Rotunno
Preference to your style of management to unit funds     - Peter Stephenson
Reasonable returns. Kept informed -John Harrison
Regular monthly income     - Gail Strong
Pooled, but investment breakup is known     - Greg Hepburn
We trust John Aldersley     -Joseph & Shirley Holmes
Easy income, professional managers take care of day to day details     - Susan Nicholson
Friendly efficient company     - Anne Roser
Good product – takes the hassles out of share ownership     - Peter Grove
Proactive fund manager     - Bob Horton
Good performance managed risk     - Jenna Ford
Portfolio is more actively managed compared with other managed growth funds     - Graeme Morrissey
It got a lot off work of my shoulders     - Cornelis & Anna Boon
We like the philosophy, size, service and results     - Bruce & Lynne Johnston
Friendly, prompt efficient service     - Ian Docherty
Hassle free share investment – reasonable fees     - Owen & Janelle Carroll
Because of flexibility, hassle free paperwork and easy income     - Walter Boese
You are specialists in your area     - Russell & Kerry Vickers
Unlike unit trusts my portfolio is separate     - Erich Wolf
Good potential for growth, interesting diversification     - Robert Swanton
Professional management, friendly attention     - Kenneth & Ann Falvey
Practical investment stratergy    - Graham & Elaine Brown 
Flexible managed funds operation     - Rodney Darke
It fits need for diversity     - Gavin Schofield
Have already referred colleagues - we are very happy with the service     - Himat Singh & Trisha Jarvis
Small fund which appears to be close to investor's     - Barrie & Christine Hudson
Take away worries of owning shares     - Geoff & Joy George
The concept is logical and John Aldersley is a good captain at the helm     - Raymond & Margaret Shuck
Excellent investment service     - Dr Michael Reid
You seem to deliver on what you claim to do     - David & Patricia Halliday
Professionalism     - Pamela & Brian Gillespie
Interesting portfolio, good management     - Margaret Levi
Very professional and helpful company     - George & Vera Vasiliades
Reporting & communication is very good. - Henry Bailey
What you have done so far has been very good     - Greg Tamblyn
A more interesting & educational than managed unit trusts     - John Costan
Good concept     - John Baines
Small & personal, well performing     - Tim Douglas
Market 'up' or 'down' management, beyond most! You beaut. You do the paperwork for us     - William Alliband
General professional way business is conducted     - Eric & Catherine Lloyd